Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land
This documentary caused controversy among Christian and Jew and Muslim alike: religious believer or staunch atheist. Everything is at stake. The answers are buried in that cave.

Almost 2,000 years ago a cave near the Dead Sea became a hideout for Jews fleeing Roman persecution. Jesus had died a few years earlier (so they say), and the Jewish world was coming crashing down under the mighty Roman heal. In the 1960′s, archaeologists found letters actually written by hand by Bar-Kokhba: a Jewish rebel and one of the most famous defenders of the Jewish resistance. Could there be more treasures in the cave? That is the premise.

Using high-tech equipment that wasn’t available in the 1960′s, a new team explores the caves. They discover long-lost artifacts and relics that would make Indiana Jones blush.

The discoveries cause the team to hatch a new theory that could potentially rewrite Holy Land history.

This documentary has one modest goal: to seriously disrupt the beliefs of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. They go about digging in Jerusalem and excavating new proof from the time of Jesus that could challenge the very concepts of the bible -- and the very bible, itself.

Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land - History & religion documentary

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